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At The Barn Winery

Don Stutz planted his first vines in 2007 and continues to add vines every year. Currently he has Concord, Chancellor, Muscadine, Cayuga White, Niagara, Catawba and Traminette growing on the property.  "We also grow a variety of berries, apple trees, peach trees and a pear tree (without a partridge)."

4152 North Dearborn Road
Logan, IN 47025

Phone: 513-519-8745

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Great Crescent Brewery

The Great Crescent Brewery is putting the "Micro" into Microbrewery - our brewery has a 3bbl capacity. We have a great desire to own and operate our own brewery and we decided that starting small was better than not starting at all.

Our goal is to craft as much fresh beer as possible and make it available to the local residents and others that make the journey to our brewery.


315 Importing Street
Aurora, IN 47001

Phone: 812-655-9079

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Holtkamp Winery

Established in 2013, Holtkamp Winery is a family owned, boutique winery offering a variety of wines to suit many tastes.  Doug Holtkamp started making wine in 2002, which stemmed from his love and enjoyment of drinking wine with friends and family.  This continued passion for wine making led him down the path of starting his own winery.  By  teaming up with Jeff McHaan, who has over 30 years in the wine making and grape growing industry, they combine their knowledge and experience to create a great quality and selection of wines. For more information, call 513-602-5580.

10868 Woliung Road
New Alsace, IN 47041

Phone: 513-602-5580

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